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Satellite Treatment Plant

Wade Mill Water Reclamation Facility

The Wade Mill Water Reclamation Facility is located in Ross, Ohio and discharges clean water to the Great Miami River.

The plant treats wastewater from approximately 540 homes and businesses in the Ross area with an average daily flow of 0.175 million gallons per day. Most of the flow to the plant comes from the Dry Run subdivision. However, the service area was expanded in 2004 to include the Venice Gardens subdivision.

The plant is a conventional activated sludge treatment plant consisting of a surge tank, three aeration tanks and two rectangular clarifiers. Ultraviolet lights are used for disinfection of the effluent.

The Wade Mill WRF was built in the 1990s by a private owner. In November 1999, BCWS purchased the plant and took over operation.

Three state-licensed wastewater operators monitor and oversee the plant's operations.