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Upper Mill Creek

Upper Mill Creek Water Reclamation Facility

Upper Mill Creek WRF

The Upper Mill Creek Water Reclamation Facility is located in southeast Butler County in West Chester Township, about one mile north of the Butler and Hamilton County boundary.

The plant is part of Butler County’s regional system. The Upper Mill Creek facility treats wastewater from homes, businesses and industries in West Chester, Fairfield and Liberty townships. The plant serves more than 50,000 people and treats about 8 millions gallons of wastewater every day.

The People wastewater worker
Trained wastewater treatment and collection system employees operate the Upper Mill Creek plant 24 hours a day. Workers include trained operators, maintenance, process control, management, administrative and laboratory staff.

At the plant, six state-licensed operators are responsible for the daily operations. Off-site, lab staff performs analysis on internal processes and products, process control staff work to optimize the plant's operations, and crews of mechanics and electrical and instrumentationstaff maintain and repair equipment. Additionally, a team throughout the service area maintains the collection system that brings wastewater to the plant.


  • 1977—The Butler County Board of Commissioners constructed the UMC facility with a capacity of 4 million gallons a day.
  • 1993—The capacity of the plant was increased to 8 million gallons a day with the addition of a 4 million gallon a day oxidation ditch.
  • 1999—As a result of growth in the area, the facility was once again expanded to a total design capacity of 16 million gallons a day.
  • 2006—The facility was upgraded with biological nutrient removal and solids processing technologies in response to increasingly more stringent State and Federal Clean Water Act requirements.