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Satellite Treatment Plant

New Miami Water Reclamation Facility

The New Miami Water Reclamation Facility is located in New Miami, Ohio and discharges clean water to Four Mile Creek.

The plant treats wastewater from more than 650 homes and businesses in the village of New Miami and the Cherokee Park subdivision with an average daily flow of .168 million gallons per day.

The original plant, which was built in the early 1970s, served the Cherokee Park subdivision. At that time, the plant had a capacity of .12 million gallons per day and consisted of two aeration tanks and two clarifiers.

The current plant, which was completed in April 2006, has a design flow rating of .8 million gallons per day. The plant's main components are a Parkson/Hycor screen, a Contra Shear rotary drum fine screen, two vertical loop reactors, two interchange bio-reactors, a Krebs fine grit removal system, two U.S. Filter Tow-Bro clarifiers and an ultraviolet light disinfection system.

The plant is considered a U.S. Filter Cannibal System plant because it puts emphasis on reducing biosolids. The cannibal system nearly eliminates the need to remove solids by truck for disposal at a solids handling facility.

Three state-licensed wastewater operators are responsible for the day-to-day operaton of the plant.